The Program Presenters

Professional & Qualified Presenters

- is a registered Psychologist who has had 20 years in Independent Schools both as a Careers Adviser and School Counsellor. Judith  has been conducting the Careers Assessment Program in schools and universities around Sydney, Canberra and country NSW for the past eight years. She is very aware of the specific needs, in this area, of students, their parents and their advisers. Judith completed a Masters in Educational Psychology at Colombia University NY and comes with a wealth of experience and expertise in this area.

- is a registered Psychologist currently running her private practice, Best Life Psychology, which provides Psychological and Lifestyle Management Services for individuals and the corporate sector. Jodie has also coordinated program's designed to place early school leavers into employment and training and understands the importance of helping people identify the employment options they would be most suited to. Jodie has been working with Judith in presenting the Career Assessment Program over the last 8 years.

Both Mrs Baird and Mrs Thelning are current members of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and therefore adhere to the societies professional code of conduct.