Personality Profiling using the MBTI

Understanding yourself with greater insight is empowering. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is an excellent tool to not only understand yourself, but in completing this profile you will also gain a greater understand others. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator has been used around the world over for the development of personal insight, leadership, team building, relationships, understanding of conflict and change, and extensively in the areas of career identification. If you are looking for insight into why you (and others) think and behave the way you do, or recognise the need to know more about yourself to address you new work, team or life challenges than we would highly commend our ‘Know yourself’ package to you.


‘Know yourself’ Personality package:

MBTI Assessment completion
Personality Profile
1.25 Hour Face to Face Consultation
Introduction To Type book.

$249.00 (GST Inclusive) - At our Gymea office

Bring a friend and receive:

1.5 Hour Face to Face consultation
Introduction To Type book each.

for $349.00 (GST Inclusive) - At Our Gymea office

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