Our career guidance consultations are appropriate for: 

  • Individuals thinking about career change and looking for advice regarding suitable career options and next steps. 

  • People considering further study and training related to career moves or workplace performance.  

  • Students (Yrs 10-12) seeking career advice relating to further study or career decisions.

  • Graduates completing their studies and looking for career advice relating to career options.

  • People who have had enough with there current work situation and need assistance identifying career options and beginning the change process

Career Consultation packages:
Please scroll to view all our packages and more information about our consultations.

1. Face to face Career Directions package including: 

Career Interests Profile +
Career Personality Profile using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator +
90 Minute Face to Face Career Consultation +
Comprehensive Report

Rate: $329 (Including GST)
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Face to face Student Career Assessment program includes: 

Career Interests Profile +  
Career Personality Profile using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator +
75 - 90 Minute Face to Face Career Consultation +
Comprehensive Report

Rate: $299.00 (including GST)
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Rate applies for students (secondary and full time university or TAFE, and school leavers). 
School leaver rate applies from end of year 12 (or year 10) until April 30th of the following year.


3. Face to face Career Directions Consultation + follow-up Coaching package including: 

Career Interests Profile +
Personality Profile using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator +
90 Minute Face to Face Career Consultation +
Comprehensive Report +

45 Minute follow up phone coaching consultation

Rate: $429.00 (including GST)
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4. General Career Coaching session including: 

Explore your current career objectives and concerns
Understand career motivators
Consider current opportunities
Determine next steps and actions

1.5 Hour session

Rate: $180.00 (including GST)
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5. Face to face Skills/ Performance Coaching sessionincluding: 

Coaching for personal development and an increase in skills to improve your workplace performance. Examples include:
Assertiveness, Team Communication, Time management & Planning skills, Leadership development, Managing Up....
Talk to us discuss your specific needs.

1.5 Hour session

Rate: $180.00 (including GST)
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6. Personality profile (using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator) + face to face consultation. 

MBTI Assessment completion +
Personality profile +
1hr face to face consultation +
'Introduction to Type' Book

 Rate: $249.00 (including GST)
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Bring a friend and receive:
1.5hr consulation
'Introduction to Type' Book each

 Rate: $349.00 (including GST)
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    (MBTI profiling available for workplace teams - please enquire).

How our career consultations work: 

First, we collect some general information regarding your work history, experiences, and career options you may be considering..

Second,we use an interests profile to identify which careers are most suited to your interests. It makes good sense to start by understand what you enjoy and are interested in.

Third, we use a personality profile to understand which careers and occupations are most aligned to your personality. How we are 'wired' has a significant impact in every aspect of our lives and in particular our careers and work. 

Following assessment completion we conduct our consultations. Whilst there is significant value in the comprehensive report as a take away to provide career direction, clients tell us that much of the benefit lies in the consultation itself - the ability to talk with an objectively placed career coach about their current situation, and the pro's and con's of new work and career options proving an invaluable part of the process.        

Importantly, we recognise that the career needs of individuals are different and that the process of change can at times be complex. Our consultations seek to understand and work with individuals in the context of a clients individual situation and explore with the process of change. 

Follow up coaching is also available upon request. 

Why use a Career Guidance service?

Options, Options, Options! While we often appreciate the benefits of a great deal of options provides us with, too many options can also cause us to delay in decision making or simply procrastinate. We become so confused we choose to leave it for the moment!

People can often struggle to gain (and maintain) clear direction for their future careers. More and more people are restless in their job and long to be somewhere else but are not sure what to do or how to make change. There can be a confusing array of career options, and it can be hard to work out what job might suit you best.

Working with a career coach is a great way to gain clarity around your next steps. A career coach can help you in the articulation of values, and clarification of interests to enable you to work toward movement within your current organisation, or toward a new role or career altogether. Importantly we can help turn vague ideas in to clear action steps.

Isn’t it time to take action? Don't procrastinate any longer – begin your discussion with The Career Place and find the right career, job or study path for you. 

During your career consultation you can expect to:

  • Discuss your specific career concerns or objectives. 

  • Understand what aspects of career, work, life are most important to you - your career motivators.

  • Review values, personality and interest assessments (where applicable - dependant on package choice), and subsequent discussion around
    careers and/ or relevant training suitable for you.

  • Review available careers planning resources, including study pathways and training possibilities.

  • Consider actions to help you move forward.


Can't find a suitable package?

We have a range of Career Coaching packages available to suit different client needs. Click on any of the following headings for an overview of all packages, including prices, and to find a package that suits you.

  • Career Changers - people looking at a career change or re entering the workforce. 

  •  Transition coaching for individuals – people contemplating change, but with several unanswered questions

  • Students - students in years 10-12; and either at university/ tafe or having recently graduated. 

  • Personality Profiling - individuals looking for insight into how they make decisions, organise their life, and relate to others.