What we value...

Put simply, at The Career Place we value:

  • Assisting clients in marrying their passions and their work to experience greater work-life satisfaction  
  • Clients feeling and thinking better for having interacted with us. 
  • Working with clients who are ready to act on a desire for change. 
  • Developing skills in individuals and teams to achieve and perform at a high level in their work environment. 
  • Seeing individuals and organisations gain a clear mind around direction and next steps for their career and/or business 
  • Seeing students gain clarity, focus, and confidence regarding subject choice, course preferences, and career selection. 
  • Understanding root causes that hinder development and progress, and working with individuals and organisations to find appropriate solutions.

Helpful links:

The following career website links are sites we utilise ourselves at The Career Place, they may also be helpful for you.