About our Career Assessment Program

The Career Assessment Program supports Careers Advisors and Counsellors in their demanding role in schools. We recognise it is often not possible to provide a detailed vocational assessment for each student yet often a significant amount of time is required counselling students as they make important career choices.†

Designed to help bring clarity to the process of subject/ elective selection, course preferences and career selection, students are †assessed in areas of aptitude, personality and interests these providing a solid basis to identify various career directions that would be most suited to the student. The report is designed to be an effective tool in the hands of both the career advisor and the student.

The career assessment program involves extensive testing and assessment in the areas of aptitude, personality, and the interests of each student (A smaller version of the Career Assessment Program is also available which provides testing in the areas of interests and personality only). A comprehensive report is then provided for each student that gives them a good foundation for effective career search. It often confirms direction for some students and gives new direction to others so, therefore, all students find it beneficial.

The Career Assessment Program ensures no time is wasted advising students in the area of career and subject advice ensuring time is used wisely with those who most need additional help. Whilst some schools have preferred to use the program in Year 10 it can also be used in Years 11 and 12 with great benefit to Careers Advisers, Counsellors, the students and their parents. We supply everything required for the assessment procedure and simply request that you provide the venue set up and ready to go. Each school may make an individual arrangement for a program that meets their needs. For example an entire school year can be tested or a smaller group of interested students in any of those years. Our facilitatorís are experienced in program delivery testing up to 200 students in single sittings.